I leave in five days for Humane Society Police Officer training!

Kickin ass, watch out. 👊😎

Someone come lay in bed with me while we eat candy in our undies.

Playing with my boobs all day.

It’s getting to be freckle season. ☺️☀️

It’s getting to be freckle season. ☺️☀️

Circa Survive - Bad Heart

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I was just thinking about someone else touching you and now I can’t decide on whether I want to break their hands or my own.
i just want you all to myself, i’m sorry (via the-psycho-cutie)

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Wearing a sundress all summer so I can be ready to lift it up and sit on your face at any given point.

Just a small girl in a big city.
Animal lover.

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Ask away

Lemme see your butt